About Kathy Farah, MD

Kathleen Farah, MD, has been practicing family medicine in western Wisconsin for over 30 years, 11 years with Mayo Clinic and currently practices Integrative and Mind Body Medicine at Western Wisconsin Health, Roberts WI.

Dr. Farah received her medical training at the University of Minnesota and completed her family practice residency at St. Paul Ramsey Medical Center. Kathy is a Senior Faculty Member of The Center for Mind-Body Medicine’s Initial and Advanced Mind-Body Medicine Training, CancerGuides®, Children’s Training , Global Trauma Relief programs and is the Clinical Lead for the Native Program. She is co-lead for a new program integrating Center for Mind Body Medicine model with Whole Health Coaching in VISN 8, the VA system in Southeastern US. In addition, her work is expanding with CMBM into schools affected by trauma.